Saturday, October 30, 2010

Busy, Busy

Things have been so busy around here lately but it kind of feels like it's slowing down. It has been getting really cold here. Before we know it we will have snow on the ground. I am getting a little excited for the snow because then we can go SNOWMOBILING!!

Well enough of the snow talk I will tell you what has been going on here. The sheep are getting VERY woolie. On Monday we will be putting two of our six girls in with our ram. I hope we will end up with a few lambs next spring!

On November 20 we are having a craft show, so we are working on some crafts for that. I am excited, it will be fun to make some things and go show them off and hopefully sell a few things.

Recently I lost my sheep-cat Matilda (Tilly) and two of her babies. I still have two of her four babies, Coraline and Katrina. I got those names from Tim Burton movies ( The greatest movies in the world).

I forgot to say that the wedding was a success!! It was so beautiful.