Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

OnFriday, we decided to go out and trim hooves. I went out a little before Mom and Dad and put them in the pen that I had set up earlier. We decided to take one at a time out of the pen and trim their hooves. Eleanor went first, we had a ball trying to get her to sit on her butt. When Dad tryed to roll her on her butt, he fell on his back still holding on to Ellie. At one point I think they were both kicking there legs trying to get back up. At last they got up and off we went trimming her hooves. Then down the line we went through the girls that just needed there hooves trimmed.  Ruby looks pretty big but it is still hard to tell right now. I am so excited!! I am hoping we get at least one baby lamb and that everything goes good! When we got done with the girls we went on to the boys. Only Sully needed his hooves trimmed. I decided the best way to get Sully into the barn was to bribe him with treats. I noticed that he was in a good spot for me to try and grab him. I gave dad the treats, counted in my head to three and the next thing I knew I was being drug all around in the barn, laughing the whole time. Finally Dad came and grabbed him while I got up and then flipped him on his butt. Mom got the fence to keep Max out of the barn. I stayed on the other side of the fence keeping an eye on Max. We weren't sure how he would react to us working with Sully. Max was well behaved and just watched.